REimagine 4 - NGO

REimagine 4 (COnnect, COlearn, COlive, COcreate) is a nongovernmental organization established under the initiative Ecovillage Georgia in 2022.

Main objectives of the organization are following: 

  • Raising awareness on environmental issues: climate crises, air and water pollution, waste management and such;
  • Social and Environmental Justice: raise the awareness about the fair and impartial distribution of social and environmental commons and rights;
  • Promoting the development of organic agriculture in rural regions of Georgia, while creating and implementing different activities for the local communities;
  • Implementation of informal and non-formal educational activities for people representing different social, economical, ethnic, gender or cultural backgrounds.

Realised projects:

“Green Agenda”

Video series project for the environmental journalists, aiming to develop the scenarios and research the experts opinions about global environmental issues and bring them to the wider public. 

  • Timeline: February – November 2023;
  • Partner organizations – Kultur- und Bildungsprojekte e.V. (Berlin) and Kedr.Media

“Women Healers Javakheti”

Multimedia research project which aims to conserve and document traditional knowledge of women(Armenian, Dukhobour, Meskhetian, Adjarian) in Javakheti region, in 8 former doukhobor villages. In the end of the project illustrated ethnobotanical book publishing is planned.

  • Timeline: August – December – 2023;
  • Funded by: Women’s fund Georgia
  • Project link on the intagram LINK

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